By Sebastian Hickey

My first UK Games Expo. Wow.

They had three stormtroopers and a sandperson on the door. Inside, it was choc-a-bloc with cash. It reminded me of Christmas Eve on Grafton St. Despite our cosy, off-track location, we managed to earn nearly thrice the cost of the stall. Open minded gamers stopped, chatted and bought our games. It was a treat.

Plus, I got to play a stonking game of Chronicles of Skin, meet the guys behind Purple Pawn, eat a gorgeous Lamb Massaman curry with my editor, and thrash out obscene gaming opinions with the Northern gaming elite. Fun times.

Favourite bullsh*t…

“We should go to a Furry convention dressed as… what do Furries hate?”

“Skinnies. People who dress up in tight, transparent rubber. They’re like, meooooow, but you can see their junk.”


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