By Sebastian Hickey

Chronicles of Skin got nominated for the Griffies!

Amazing. Thanks to all the crew in Edinburgh and good luck to all the other amazing entrants!

The Role-Playing Game Griffie Nominees are as follows.

Chronicles of Skin (CobWeb Games)
Cthulhu Britannica: Shadows Over Scotland (Cubicle 7)
Dark Harvest: Legacy of Frankenstein (Cubicle 7)
The Agency (Realms Publishing)
The One Ring (Cubicle 7)

The Board Game Griffie Nominees are as follows.

Crooks (White Goblin Games)
Last Will (Czech Games Edition, Rio Grande Games)
Ora et Labora (Z-Man Games)
Proud Monster Deluxe (Compass Games)
Ristorante Italia (ElfinWerks, Red Glove)

I’ll be there next weekend, demoing Chronicles of Skin, so if you’d like to see what all the fuss is about, come and see me at the convention (Conpulsion, Edinburgh).