"Produces acts of sheer gruesomeness"

Malcolm Craig (A|State, Cold City, Hot War)

On the world's bloodiest gameshow you must kill to survive...

Hell for Leather is a darkly gory game of pursuit and savage violence. In the Standard Setting, play as contestants on the world's bloodiest gameshow and struggle for gruesome survival! Or customise the game during-play!

  • No GM - All the players are in charge of the story
  • No prep - Like a board game, you set it up together
  • Customisable - Create a new setting (like Pulp Explorers, Ancient Rome or the French Wars of Religion) during play!
  • Actual Play: What do people do at the table?
  • Examples: What are the stories like?

The game relies on a tower of six-sided dice which players build as the tension mounts. To overcome challenges, players try to land a ten-sided die near a tower of six-sided dice (see video below) without knocking it down!

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Play Sheet & Character Sheet pack (includes the print version of the cheat sheet, setup sheet, target and team sheet).

FREE no-frills edition (includes all play sheets and playable text). Nominated for Ennies 2011!

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Hell for Leather RPG is an excessively violent storytelling game for 2-6 people—in which players build a tower of dice to avoid death. No prep required!

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